More fan mail

Posted by on March 9, 2012

We just keep getting these wonderful messages from young readers who have heard James’ story:

Hi, My Name is Ashley and I heard What Has happened to You! This is amazing for you!! Congrats!! And My BFF grace sent You a Message to! I’m hoping to see your book soon!! This i sJUST WOW To me!!!!  When i heard About This and what happened, I felt really bad and then when i got to the happy part i was So happy!!! 🙂 E-mail Me back at Thanks!
                                                                    Take Care, Ashley 😉
And so we respond:
Hi Ashley!
I’m Mr. Jim’s granddaughter, Marlisa.  Thanks for an awesome letter and, like Grace, I will help my grandfather write you back soon!  Thanks again, Marlisa
The replies keep coming:
Marlisa, I think Your A Very Thoughtful Girl!! And You are VERY nice to your grandfather!!!
I think its amazing what You Have done!  Mr.Jim, You Inspire me to read more often now.
Now I think reading is the BEST! When I was younger, I didn’t like to read i just goofed off, But now, I think its’s VERY important to read! It will help you learn! 🙂 Are you 12 or somthing like that? And are you and your grandfather close??
                                                           Love, Ashley 🙂
Pop has some letters to write!
:"> blushingAshley!

Thanks so much for your kind words to me!  I loved your guess at my age, but guess what?  I am one half a century younger than Pop and he will be 100 in one year!  I am very close to my grandfather.  I was his first mate on his lobster boat for a few summers and that his how I got to know him so well.  He was always silent until the ride home and then he would open up and tell me all his stories.  I bet you would love to hear him laugh because it will make you laugh too! All my best, Marlisa

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