Our port to port program launches

Posted by on March 8, 2012

Back in January, James had a chance to visit a local classroom in Ledyard, CT to talk with children at the Ledyard Center School.The visit was such a success, that we began looking for ways to share the experience, as well as the book, with other children. Since James is limited in how far he can travel, a world tour was unfortunately not an option.

But we soon came up with an idea for his book to go on the road without him, and the port to port program was launched. You can read the details of the program here, and also read the inspirational letters from students who James met in his original visit. Their enthusiasm gave us the idea, and we are grateful to them.

We hope you’ll follow the progress of the book as it travels to all fifty states and eventually back to Mystic. We will update its progress here from time to time. If you’d like the book to visit your school, please contact us, and we’ll put you on the itinerary.

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