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Childrens’ Tee- 100% preshrunk ringspun cotton for a softer feel! FRONT: Mr. Jim Henry says, “K-e-e-e-p R-e-a-d-i-n!” BACK: Color your own State (Fabric marker NOT included)/ USA Map Youth Sizes- M (8-10)-LG(14-16)-XL(18-20)

*Currently only available in Youth Medium

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outside U.S.
light blue cinch pack ( durable, water
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  NEVER GIVE UP!! 24 oz
bike water bottle (BPA free)  :: White/Royal

26 Responses to Products

  1. Ronald Corcillo

    Good morning. How do I order 1 copy “In A Fisherman’s Language?
    Thank you.

    Ron Corcillo

  2. Cindy Blackburn

    The Bartlesville Public Library Literacy Program is wanting to purchase 10 copies of the Fishermans’ Language book. We are not able to use our credit card to make purchases at this time. We are in the process of closing a budget year. Will you accept a Purchase Order or let us pre-pay for the books. If so, please let me know how much and I will process an order.
    Thank You.

  3. Laurie

    How do I order a paper copy. I don’t have a Kindle.


  4. Tanis

    I need a couple copie! How can I order a physical book?

  5. Jennifer sullivan

    I would love to order this book for my Grandmother…memories of her father. Can’t seem to find a copy for her.

  6. Fisherman's granddaughters

    Sorry for the hold up folks!! We are presently in the process of making the book available and will let you know asap! Thanks and Never Give Up!

  7. Ginny Deem

    Would also like to purchase a copy of the book, but not in Kindle format. Any information is greatly appreciated!

  8. Kim

    I also would like to order a copy. I hope you can get them available for Father’s Day. Let me know. Thanks!!!

  9. Maureen Mercer

    I would like to order 5 copies of the book. I am in Atlanta and none of the bookstores seem to have any. Can you help? Is there a bookstore in Connecticut I might order from, do you know? Thank you.

  10. Monica Menconi

    I’m Monica from Touscany (italy). I would like to order 1 copy of this fantastic book. Can you help me? I’m not interesting to a kindly copy … I would like to receive traditional book …is possible with the original autograph… i’m moved with this story. Thank you very much for your reply. Yours faithfully Monica

  11. Michael W

    i to would like to order a hard copy of this book. I saw a advertisement on TV while I was in my Doctors waiting room and was very moved!

  12. Tara Buesing

    Please notify me when more paper copies are available. I would like to order some. Thanks!

  13. sarah

    hi! i would also love to be able to purchase a physical copy of this great book for my mom! your grandpa’s such an inspiration and he’s adorable!

  14. Dan


    I, too, am interested in the actual hard copy book. I read an article in my parent’s copy of AARP that stated you’re accepting orders now for a 3rd printing. Please send info on how to order.

  15. Lynda Eckhardt

    Greetings! As many of the previous commenters have asked, I too would like to inquire as to how I might go about obtaining a print version of this book. I do not own a kindle, nor do I have access to one. I truly would like to read this book. Please provide any details that would help me to acquire a copy. Thank you!

  16. Lynn

    I, too, am not a Kindle owner and would like to purchase the book. Please advise.

  17. Joseph Silva

    I would like to purchase a couple ofhard copiesof the book. Alaskan electronic copyfor the B&N Nook .

  18. Christine

    I would like to order a copy of the book. Please let me know how to do that. Thanks

  19. Laura

    I am interested in ordering a hard copy of this book for my mother in law, could you please tell me how I can do this? She does not own a kindle.

  20. Sandra Rodrigues

    I live in Canada, and was looking to purchase this book on and was disappointed to be unable to find one, and the only option out there was a digital download on the American Amazon site. I am an Azorean Fisherman’s granddaughter too, and I am anti-Kindle because I like a good old-fashioned book. I hope there are plans to publish more copies because this book is gonna be huge!!

  21. Julie

    I was so moved by his courageous spirit! He is a true example of strength and the power of never giving up. I will be ordering several copies once they are available. I want to be sure my children each have a copy to carry with them throughout their lives; a reminder that anything is possible once you put your mind to it.

  22. Betsy

    I too would like a copy of the book for my dad. Please let me know when they are available.

  23. Bonnie

    We ordered this book, and pre-paid, 2 months ago and still have not received it. We were told that you’d be getting the books, finally, on May 31. It is now June 23. I sent you an email a few days ago but have not heard back. Help!

    • Maxine

      Dear Bonnie,
      A sincere apology to you for our delays. The process has been tricky and tedious and we are only three family members trying to keep up with this amidst a dense amount of added responsibilities, like moving Pop to his new residence and welcoming a new baby into the family. We will be filling all outstanding orders before August first. Thanks for your patience- we are very sorry!

  24. Don McNeill

    Hello Marlisa,
    I have had time to review your site today. It certainly looks like you have some good momentum going. I don’t know how we can work together but I would certainly be glad to exchange a copy of my game You’ve been Sentenced! for a copy of your dad’s book.
    Anybody who helps others learn to read is a tremendous asset to our world. The statistics on illiteracy and the very sad results of being illiterate are horrifying.
    Continued success and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Don McNeill

  25. ellen

    I ordered this book from this website on 12/2/2012 i can see my payment to paypal on my credit card statement was charged on 12/3/2012. I ordered this book as a Christmas gift and want to know when it will arrive. Can you help me
    Ellen Kamm
    1243 Exeter Rd
    Lebanon, CT 06249
    860 608 8779

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