Essex Books at Gather Event
Dear Marlisa, Alicia, and Maxine,

Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation on Sunday at Essex Books at Gather, and, Maxine, thank you for getting this whole thing off the ground! I think our guests were very inspired by your grandfather and by the work that you all are doing to keep the support of literacy going for people of any age. I wish you all continued success! Sincerely, Sue McCann











Our Port to Port Literacy Program:

In A Fisherman's Language - Port to port literacy programIn a Fisherman's Language letter from studentIn a Fisherman's Language- student's letter








The People Magazine Shoot

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  1. Wendi

    Just read the article in People and what an accomplishment! Way to go Jim!!! You are an inspiration. People could learn from you…you can succeed at what you put your mind to even if it takes a lifetime to accomplish it. Enjoy your hard earned gift of literacy. You deserve it!

  2. sheila

    I just read the article in the People Magazine and was very touched by your determination to accomplish your lifelong goal. From you, I, too, will some day finish my own goals. You are living proof that one is never too old to learn anything. Congratulations and keep on learning new things !

  3. Sabrina

    I saw you on The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell tonight. I am very impressed by your accomplishments! As an Alaskan Native of the Aleutian Islands, my family and life have been surrounded by fishing. I can’t wait to purchase your book and read about your experiences as a lifetime lobster fisherman and beyond. I can only imagine how much I will enjoy your work and the legacy of you. I plan to share this with everyone! Good luck on your new journey as an author. Thank you.

  4. Sasha

    Hi Mr. Henry! I’m one of the “Shining Stars” who visited you on March 30 at Academy Point. I hope you liked our presents. Again, im thanking you for inspiring not only me, but BILLIONS of people out there who didn’t suceed before. When you said your heart-touching words, you ” lit the flame” in peoples souls. Not only will Miss Ambroch’s class change America, anyone who has heard of the brave and daring Captain James Arruda Henry who was illiterate until he was 92. After a very longtime, he finally realized the small chance he had left in him. People will be left standing in awe trying to repeat the suspenseful yet a little shocking story of your life, Mr. Henry
    Sasha Oakes

  5. Laura

    Hi Mr. Jim Henry! I am one of Ms. Ambrosch’s “Shining Stars” who came to Academy Point to celebrate your 99th birthday! We just got finished with your book, and we LOVED it. You really inspired BILLIONS of people across the U.S.A!

    Laura Pellowski

  6. Uzoamaka Okafor

    Dear Mr. Jim Henry:

    I am still in stupor after reading about your efforts at learning at 92. You are a true epitome of the adage: “You can do anything you want if you put your mind at it”.

    I am honored to read about you, thanks to my professor in graduate school who posted your website in the classroom blog for us to read. You are an inspiration and it will be a pleasure to tell your story to my friends on facebook.

    Congratulations and may booksales reach no limit.

    My best wishes,

    Uzoamaka Okafor
    Graduate Student (MLIS)
    University of North Texas.

  7. Betty from Philadelphia

    Mr. Henry,
    I saw you on a television program and was amazed at your accomplishments. You are a true
    hero because you had the guts to follow your dreams at 92. I will never say the word ”can’t”
    again! I cannot wait to purchase your book and share it with my family. I have no experience
    or knowledge about fishing but I am so excited to read your book.

  8. Elmer "Moe" Haggadone

    Hello Guys, and Noreen

    I’m Mary Arruda Haggadone’s oldest son Elmer, I have gone by the name ‘Moe’ since I was a kid after my father (Elmer) and Mary divorced when I was young.

    I am so proud of “Uncle Jimmy”, as I called him, now and as long as I have known him. He had taken me fishing only a few times. Once when I was very young and a couple times when I came into town from my job. I worked for 35 + years in the entertainment business that kept me on the road most of the year. In March 2011, I was diagnosed with cancer and that has kept me sidelined since.

    I’m using this portal as a way to say hello to you all, and give my best to “Uncle Jim”. I dont think this site is a good place to leave my contact info, but you can get it if you wish from John Arruda’s grand kids (Estelle Arudda’s kids) Donna, Butch, or Lisa. My youngest brother, Clay Haggadone went to see Jimmy and picked up a couple books, wish I wasn’t sick as I would travel to see y’all and pick one up too.

    Well take care and alll the best to Jimmy and hope his book goes over the top!
    Elmer “Moe” Haggadone

  9. Anonymous

    Hi Moe,
    Thanks for checking in…sorry to hear about your health challenges and we hope you gather your strength enough to overcome it all. If you would like to further reach us, you can email me at and we can exchange better family info. All the best, Marlisa and Alicia

  10. Beanie

    I read the article sorry for your loss, your Grandfather was just like my self it was until the age of 55 I found out I had a vision problem. I went through vision therapy and am now on a 6th grade level. When I read this article from people’s magazine, I just knew I need this book I can’t wait to get it and read it. 6 years ago this would have never happen I too wrote I children’s book “Never Give Up…Beanie’s Story” and doing speaking because I never want any child to go though what I did. So I truly know in my heart all that your Grandfather went through.

  11. Beanie

    You might want to check out my web site

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