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A Legacy of Literacy ‘In a Fisherman’s Language’  By Amy Barry

Guidepost: Generation Inspiration: Learning to Read at 90+

Obama Commends Groton Author James Henry  Groton Patch (6.12.12)

Ledyard students honor author who learned to read at 92 Norwich Bulletin (6.11.12)

Fisherman turned author gets presidential recognition News 8 WTNH  (6.11.12)

Stonington author, 98, to receive letter from Obama (6.12.12)

The Approval Matrix: Week of April 16, 2012

An interview with the Associated Press (3.29.12)

Henry’s book added to Library of Congress – (3.26.12)

Read a wonderful blog post by Shannon P. Baldridge at (3.13.12)

Watch a great interview with article on CNN (3.7.12)

Listen to an interview with CBS news (3.1.12)

Watch a great story by NBC Connecticut (2.27.12)

A nice summary of some recent press in (2.27.12)

Mystic River Press: A fisherman’s message (2.25.12)

From The Westerly Sun: James Henry: media darling featured in People, on CNN (2.24.12)

A blog post about the People Magazine story from EarlyWord (2.23.12)

A Norwich Bulletin story of Captain Henry’s visit to Ledyard Center School (01/25/12)

A Stonington Patch story about Captain Henry’s visit to Ledyard Center School (01/27/12)

The Mystic River Press covers Captain Henry’s visit to Ledyard Center School (01/25/12)

Read an article in Sydney Morning Herald (12/31/11)

The book goes international! Read an article in the Greek Paper, To Vima (The Tribune)

Watch a story about James Henry on WTNH News 8 (12/12/11)

Read the latest at The (12/12/11)

Read an article about the book signing at (11/17/2011)

Read an earlier article about the author, James Henry, and view a video at (05/08/2011)

Watch a Fox CT story about Captain James Henry’s book on

Marlisa McLaughlin is interviewed on “For the Record”

9 Responses to Media Coverage

  1. Karen

    It is with the up most respect that I write this message to Mr. Jim Henry, a true inspiration to all mankind. The day I read the article in People magazine about your hard work to learn how to read and write, I shed many tears out of sheer admiration for you. Your beloved wife would be so proud of your accomplishment and even though I do not know you personally, I can honestly say you have inspired me to follow my dreams and write the book I have been creating in my mind for years. Thank you for leaving such an impressionable mark on the world and for lighting my fire. Of course, I purchased one of your books as well. God bless you Mr. Henry!

  2. Tami

    Your book is an inspiration to all ages that dreams can be achieved. I’m taking it to work for my coworkers to read. thank you

  3. Sondra

    I read the story in People magazine and was so inspired that I went right online and downloaded the book. I studied English in college and now practice law in the public sector and was so amazed at the strength and courage of this man that I had to read his story. I intened to share it with my son and recommend it to his teachers.

  4. Mary Huber

    James’s story put tears in my eyes. As a freelance writer and editor, I know firsthand how difficult writing can be. When people say, “Your writing just flows so easily,” I want to pinch them!

    Through Literacy Volunteers of America, I helped some good folks learn how to read and write. It was years ago; I haven’t been in that arena in quite a while, but James has now inspired me to resume that very worthwhile volunteer work.

    Many people who read In a Fisherman’s Language will probably now become Literacy Volunteers. So, you see, James, how much your story is helping others! There will probably be gazillions of people who will learn how to read because of your giant accomplishment. And isn’t helping others what life is all about?

    Congratulations to you, James, on your incredibly significant achievement. The bright flame of your candle is now fueling other folks’ burning desire to read and write. I join thousands of your fans in saluting you!

    Mary Huber

    • Fisherman's granddaughters

      Thank you everyone for your kind words. We look forward to showing James! He gets fan mail in the post on paper, but the process viewed electronically offers him a different experience. It’s great fun to watch him read on line. We’ll try to get him on line soon and he may even blog himself! Marlisa, Alicia, And Maxine


    Truly inspiring story. I’m in the process of writing an article for my site on you, Captain Henry. I’ll be sure to email you the link. Keep writing!

  6. Marianna Crane

    As a retired gerontological nurse practitioner and recently a writer myself, I was so impressed with Mr. Henry’s story, I had to post it on my blog. Truly inspiring!

  7. Julie Sexton

    Rachel Maddow’s “Best New Thing In The World” segment (her final segment of her show each night) was dedicated to you, Captain Henry, and your new book. Mystic, Connecticut. Mmmmm. A couple of years ago a friend and I enjoyed a really, really fun road trip from Illinois to the East Coast. On our way down from Rhode Island down to Connecticut, we happed onto Abbott’s Lobster place. I like to think the charm and good local fare of that place has a bit of your spirit in it. It was the opening of Maddow’s story, mentioning Mystic, that caught my attention. But what brought me to your website was so much more. That I am a teacher only makes my appreciation and admiration for your spirit as a continual learner that much greater. Good health to you, Captain Henry, and enjoy the ride with your new book!

    • Fisherman's granddaughters

      Hi Julie!
      Pop used to visit Abbott’s often. We took occasional family boat trips over for dinner. He has many cherished memories there and it is so much fun to imagine your memories connecting to his! Thanks, Marlisa, Alicia, and Maxine

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