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Posted by on March 9, 2012

We just keep getting these wonderful messages from young readers who have heard James’ story:

Hi, My Name is Ashley and I heard What Has happened to You! This is amazing for you!! Congrats!! And My BFF grace sent You a Message to! I’m hoping to see your book soon!! This i sJUST WOW To me!!!!  When i heard About This and what happened, I felt really bad and then when i got to the happy part i was So happy!!! :) E-mail Me back at Thanks!
                                                                    Take Care, Ashley ;)
And so we respond:
Hi Ashley!
I’m Mr. Jim’s granddaughter, Marlisa.  Thanks for an awesome letter and, like Grace, I will help my grandfather write you back soon!  Thanks again, Marlisa
The replies keep coming:
Marlisa, I think Your A Very Thoughtful Girl!! And You are VERY nice to your grandfather!!!
I think its amazing what You Have done!  Mr.Jim, You Inspire me to read more often now.
Now I think reading is the BEST! When I was younger, I didn’t like to read i just goofed off, But now, I think its’s VERY important to read! It will help you learn! :) Are you 12 or somthing like that? And are you and your grandfather close??
                                                           Love, Ashley :)
Pop has some letters to write!
:"> blushingAshley!

Thanks so much for your kind words to me!  I loved your guess at my age, but guess what?  I am one half a century younger than Pop and he will be 100 in one year!  I am very close to my grandfather.  I was his first mate on his lobster boat for a few summers and that his how I got to know him so well.  He was always silent until the ride home and then he would open up and tell me all his stories.  I bet you would love to hear him laugh because it will make you laugh too! All my best, Marlisa

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  1. Tina Brito

    I just heard this story on CNN and again and again on the internet. Being Portuguese I would like to say that I am so proud of you I called my “amore” at work to tell him about this story and we desperatly searching on the internet for a place to purchase your book. We are in Connecticut as well! Congrats!

  2. Shannon Ireland, RN

    Oh Dear Sir,

    I just watched the news brief on HLN about your touching story and it struck such a cord with me. I am deeply inspired by your ability to overcome everything to be successful in your life and how you did not allow your illiteracy to excuse you to fail. You worked hard and used the resources and skills that you did have to make a life for you and your family. I look at people like those who “Occupy Wall Street” and how they are appalled that the they could go to school and be “Educated” and then the world should just overwhelming them with million dollar job offers on there Graduation day, this saddens me. What happened to working hard to work your way up and earning what you are given. As a child I was dyslexic and i am quite sure I had ADD but I never saw failure as an option. With the help of my dedicated third grade teacher I relearned how to write (from left to right and not backwards), and I learned many ways to overcome my own difficulties by studying in short bursts and by getting books on tape whenever possible. I served my country in the navy, which helped pay for my education to become a nurse. I completed Nursing school while caring for my three young children, and holding down the home front for my deployed husband!! Now as I see my children experience difficulties in learning I am told that they should be put on medication, “what? Not work harder, not maximize what you do have, or learn to adapt, NO….take a magic pill” Not my children…..I shall give them the tools and drive to overcome. Never allow something to stop you in your path, whether you find a way around or you persevere over that obstacle….you are “The Captain of Your Own Ship”

    • Anonymous

      Just got done reading your blog. I two have had problems with reading and spelling my whole life. I never got the help i needed but when i got the courage to say i had a learning disability. I felt like the world had been leafed my back. My wife. Who has a psychology degree
      showery Me that i had skills that many people that i cosidered to be smart did not have. The one think I know to do is work hard. I still have a long ways to go but with stories like his I know it’s never to late. I have two young boys and I never want them to have to go though the thing i had to. To hide my problem I would fight and causes problems. My freshman year I was suspended 6 times. The I meet my life saver. My English teacher who looked out and listen to me. On graduation day i was awarded with the most in proved student in 4 years. P.s. To all the people struggling with illiteracy your not along. Thank God for spell check.

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